Philosophical Conceptions of Justice.

Philosophical Conceptions of Justice. Essay example
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Philosophical Conceptions of Justice People of diverse cultures and ethnicities make up the world. This means that different people perceive justice in different ways depending on the people around them and their ways of life and intellectual capabilities.


However, justice, in a universal definition, entails the knowledge of doing right from wrong and making sure people live in the right way together. It is this ‘right’ way of living that brings controversies in describing social justice among nations. This paper discusses a variety of philosophical conceptions of justice with regard to famous philosophers in their definitions of social justice (Ackerman, 1980). John Locke and Thomas Jefferson John Locke lived in the mid seventeenth century as an English Enlightenment philosopher. He argued that our ancestors once lived in a state of nature that had no government or laws. However, as life advanced and civilization came up, people became stratified into various social classes that required the formulation of laws and regulations in order to cater for the less disadvantaged. This also prohibited the oppression of the less fortunate by the more fortunate. He called this idea of the social contract that enabled all citizens acquire fundamental rights of life, property, and liberty. ...
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