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Walden & Thoreau Name: Institution: Walden & Thoreau So, what do you make of all this? Thoreau postulate reality on chronological realism imbued in environmental, situational/circumstantial and time dynamism rather than on the inherent social-cultural/traditional cognizant of human being.


Yes! Thoreau is critic of the rigid and inherent social-cultural rationalization of life experiences, which he attributes to the redundancy of human novelty and innovative advances. According to Thoreau Economic, capitalist or communist social-cultural ideologies/socialized ways of doing things have only mythically promulgated human suffering, problem and societal inequality along historical generational lines. Instead, Thoreau proposes what he refers to as the “wake up!” ideology as the “creative and more radical” ideological solution to the historical socio-economic and political injustices amongst the human race (Thoreau, 2006). The “wake up!” ideological solution proposes a “morning consciousness” approach in solving humanity problem, suffering and inequality as “all memorable events transpire in morning time and in morning atmosphere”. This realizes an amorphous and volatile phenomenology in the issues that underpins human problems thus rendering the structural and predictive socialized solutions inapplicable in solving these problems. ...
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