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Equality achievement has diverse interpretations. The research delves on the equality contributions of President Jefferson, President Abraham Lincoln, Stanton, and other American leaders. The search discusses the four types of American ethnic relations levels.


The search discusses the four types of American ethnic relations levels. Fulfilling the promise to make all men equal is trending on the correct road towards realization. Jefferson’s making a promise in his Declaration of Independence. In 1776, President Thomas Jefferson uses the philosophical teachings of John Locke as the foundation for his declaration of independence where President Jefferson promised to exert efforts to make all men equal. However, the makers of the United States Constitution preferred that only the White Americans who owned lands could vote (Ciment 1). On the other hand, President Jefferson emphasized that the people must be granted their inalienable rights. The rights include the right to live, liberty, and right to seek one’s happiness. Further, John Locke’s Two Treatise on Government, published in 1690, reiterated that the people had the inalienable (natural) rights to property, liberty, as well as life. Consequently, John Locke insisted that the government must do its best to protect the people’s rights from being abused. However, President Jefferson replaced John Locke’s property right to happiness right. The declaration of independence mentioned that the King George III Britain government had deprived the people their rights, triggering a fight for independence from Britain (Bardes 35). ...
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