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Name Subject Lecturer Date Asians Philosophy Question One Asians have traditions which guide them in their existence. Their teachings are based on Taoism taught from one generation to another (Morgan 68). For example, they believe that truth occurs at three different levels.


So, at one point, something is in one status and at the other time, it is in another status (Morgan 71). All things survive due to the varying nature of situations. A person does not live in the stage of insufficiency every time. In the second stage, a person exists in the stage of abundance. This involves transition from the stage of void to the stage of abundance. There is also a stage in which people exist between insufficiency and abundance. This is the hub track on which all things exist. This is due to the fact that nothing can be absolutely in the status of abundance or void. Normally, a person or a thing will be in between the status of insufficiency and abundance. This Tien Tai reality is based on the teachings of White Lotus Sutra of human existence and the nature of fact. This sheds light on the interrelationship of human survival. According to Tien Tai beliefs, these stages of reality guide human beings on how they conduct themselves (Morgan 78). They form the basis of judgment between excellence and evil deeds of a human being. People strive to live according to the teachings and the doctrines of the community in which a person exists. Those realities are the guiding principles among the Asians since they define the customs of their community. They determine individual freedom in what they do and what they perceive. ...
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