How did the Internet has brought people to think and see the world globally ? - Research Paper Example

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How did the Internet has brought people to think and see the world globally ?

Mass media – this is written, spoken or broadcast communication with reach to a great range of audience (Zlatar 1). This includes radio, television (TV), advertisements, billboards, movies, magazines, mobile phones, newspapers, the Internet, and so forth. As earlier noted, media acts as a highway or rather a vehicle over which there is viral transmission of content, allowing a given user to initiate communications with multiple people across the globe, with an opportunity given to each that allows them to even further spread the information to different people and places around the world (Besley and Burgess 631). A clever and dedicated person possessing a quality message can turn the whole world into a personal marketing force with the use of the mass media. In addition, Zlatar reveals that media helps people be noticeable as it helps them engage with their audience as well as allow easy location or identification of the right audience to add on the cheap costs of advertizing it presents to its users (3). Political. The mass media can be an effective tool for enabling a country’s citizens monitor the activities of their governments and use this type of information to carry out their voting decisions. The deliverable of this is a government that is more accountable for its citizens as well as responsive to the needs of the citizens. ...
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Name Professor Module Date Cultural, Social and Political Significance of Media Media or mass media as sometimes referred to provides users with an almost immediate vehicle to transmit information over short and long distances at the minimal time possible (Besley and Burgess 629)…
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