Building Bridges: New Dimensions in Negotiation

Building Bridges: New Dimensions in Negotiation Essay example
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New Dimensions in Negotiation Student’s Name: Course/Number: Date: Instructor’s Name: Introduction That negotiations have become a central part in conflict resolution is a matter that cannot be gainsaid. The multipronged benefits that stem from negotiations is further underscored by the fact that alongside the resolution of conflicts, negotiations play other meaningful roles such as modifying proper selling and market prices and creating an array of business options and ideas.


Prof. James Sebenius features prominently among the pioneers of the 3-D negotiation, partly, for having come up with the HBS Negotiation Unit. For the 1-D negotiation, there is focus on interpersonal tactics and skills at the negotiating table. The 1-D negotiation seeks to foster more effective negotiation processes, enhance relationships, nurture cultural sensitivity, strengthen relationships, and encourage the making of better and faster moves and countermoves. According to Sebenius, the 1-D negotiation cannot be easily done away with in totality, given that it goes a long way in displaying cultural sensitivity, setting a positive atmosphere for negotiations, enhancing communication, establishing trust, fostering creativity, framing a tenable framework and promoting creativity. The import of the 1-D negotiation is that it helps in the determination of who, when and how to make an offer and a counteroffer and how high or low the offer or counteroffer should be (Lax and Sebenius, 2003). The 2-D negotiation mainly focuses on value creation ands deal design. ...
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