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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: My Worldview Philosophers have different worldviews of their own; they vary and arrive at a particular worldview using different routes, proving and disproving their already held notions about humans and the vast universe that we live in.


Despite the differences, worldviews are integral part of our lives because they mold our understanding of the world and of ourselves (293). Prior to taking the course, I had a fairly respect to religions and the reason for their establishment, which means that there is an acknowledgement of the role of religion in guiding its followers’ actions into what it deems morally acceptable. Conceding to the fact that religion is only created by a human being, say Paul the Apostle for Roman Catholicism, I joined with Sigmund Freud in believing that yes, religion drives people into wishful thinking. Freud, as a staunch critic of religion and in fact an atheist himself, had somehow influenced the way I view the world and religion. I believed in self-determination that our selves are only to be blamed for our fate, and our success is credited for our wholehearted efforts. However, Freud is situated on the radical side while I start to realize that Blaise Pascal must be right. His point made sense in my own discernment when he said that there is truth in believing that something or someone exists without actually proving scientifically that it or he exists. ...
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