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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# Anselm’s Ontological Argument for the Existence of God and Three Philosophical Critiques Every culture and religious grouping has its own divine being associated with defined powerful roles. This implies that there is more to human life than the material world that surrounds us.


In this way, the analysis will seek to provide a thoughtful overview of some of the most salient critiques of Anselm’s ontological view as well as to provide the reader with the alternate views that philosophers have developed over the years in response to it. Stone asserts that Anselm’s argument purports that God is conceived as the being that supersedes other beings. He purports that God exists in both understanding and reality. This is because if His existence was perceived not to be in reality, another being greater than God could be conceived. Therefore, his argument articulates that God really exists. Gaunilo’s argument uses the model of a perfect island to counter-argue Anselm’s strategy (Stone). The perfect island is described as a piland taking the form of an island in the mind which in reality is perceived greater than the piland idea. He purports that the occurrence of a piland idea in the mind proves that the piland exists. Gaunilo did not identify the fault in Anselm’s theory, but warned that there is something wrong with it because if the theory was perfect, then its logic can be applied in proving things that one has no reason to believe to be true (Burgess 2). ...
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