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The Role Humans in Environmental Ethics Name: Institution The Role of Ecology in Environmental Ethics Introduction Within the natural world, organisms relate directly with each other, as well as draw value fro the natural world around them, which is commonly referred as environment.


In regards to this, ecology plays an important role in helping to understand the responsibility of human beings towards one another and the environment. In addition, it helps understand why these responsibilities are existent. There are a number of ecological disciplines that assist in achieving the goal of understanding the moral obligations of human beings. This paper will discuss the debate raised by Leopold’s suggestion: that the role and view of man should change from an anthropocentric one to – to one that allows hem to accord the natural world intrinsic ethical value. The paper will discuss the nature that man should play like a warden of the natural-world community, but not the conqueror, who can exploit the natural world for the selfish interests (Leopold, 1960, p. 220). Discussion Many scholars argue that human beings have a moral standing – which is superior to that of the natural world, including animals and the natural phenomena. However, the minimal extension of the moral nature of humans to cover the natural world causes real and difficult problems. These scholars, including Aldo Leopold hold that such an anthropocentric ethics base fails to go a long way, in offering the regard and the protection to be offered by the different natural community members. Therefore, they have offered and carried out studies, geared at the expansion of moral standing, to reach beyond the human community. ...
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