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T. S. Eliot

He believes that the true significance of tradition in the present literary work is not given its due importance. By tradition, Eliot underscored a sense of historical timelessness and a fusion of past and present that was inescapable (Cianci & Harding, 2007, p.16). Discuss the background of the time period (insert author and date): Eliot wrote the two literary pieces, at the time when World War 1 had just plagued the nation. Tradition and individual talent was written in 1921 while the wasteland was written in 1922. (Cianci & Harding, 2007, p.4). Discuss the climate of the period that led to the Advancement : Eliot’s writings reflect the physical and moral devastation and degradation of Victorian ideals in the aftermath of World War 1 that crippled the entire world from 1914-1918. Effects of Advancement:  Discuss the advancement in detail (insert author and date): Eliot’s new theory of meriting tradition not was not only followed by subsequent writers over the century, but he also diligently followed the new parameters. ...
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Name: Class: Professor: Date: Introduction and Thesis Statement:  T.S Eliot was not only a play writer and a publisher, but a witty literary critic as well. He is regarded as one of the most important poets of 20th century Thesis should include the advancement in the humanities and its effect on the world:  He was the first critic in suggesting that art must not be a product of uncontrolled emotions, but a purposeful departure of emotions…
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