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Logical Fallacies and the News

Currently, smoking remains legal in many countries the world over. Smoking is a social problem because research has shown that smoking causes a number of diseases to the smoker. Among the diseases, include heart problems, liver cirrhosis, and deadly cancers that claim the lives of many all over the world today. With regard to the environment, the smoke produced from tobacco contains carbon that pollutes the environment and, therefore, its is a problem to nature. Smoking has also said to affect the thinking and mind power of a smoker. This in most cases makes the smoker not think as rationally as he or she should (McVeigh and Wolfer, 2004). Therefore, McVeigh and Wolfer (2004) note that smoking remains a big social issue in the world that need to be solved even if it means introducing laws burning smoking. This is because if the trend is left to continue, then probably the entire society will become unhealthy because of the effects of cigarette smoking. However, introducing the ban has received mixed reactions from different people citing varying merits and demerits of smoking. For instance, according to writefix.com (2012), the author agrees with the argument that smoking is harmful to human health. Nevertheless, the author is of the opinion that the ban should not be completely and the right to smoke should be left to the individual to choose. ...
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Smoking-A Social Issue Name Institution Smoking-A Social Issue Smoking remains one of the major social problems in the world today (McVeigh and Wolfer, 2004). The origin of tobacco can be traced back to about 1500 CE, when it was first introduced by the Spanish sailors in the U.S…
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