Human Freedom and the News

Human Freedom and the News Essay example
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Freedom and News Your Name Name of Course Name of Professor Date of Submission Freedom and News The recent escalation of violence in the India-Pakistan border is something that has affected the workings of international peace and the freedom that people are able to exercise at such a crucial point of time.


There is also in general a lessening of the ability that people have to air their views regarding matters of their own lives. According to humanist views t5his kind of a weakening of human agency is not desirable. There may be certain views regarding human agency that talk of the importance of the privileging of the agency of the collective over the individual; the humanist view is at the other extreme of such a view and privileges the importance of the individual’s right to decide his or her own future. The philosophical impact of this issue involves also the ideas of equality that are put into jeopardy when the army invades the private spaces of the people who are on either side of the border. There are obviously always several sides that take up different positions as far as Indo-Pak relations are concerned. This may be due to the strategic position that both countries occupy during the present political era. Mahendra Ved’s article “India, Pakistan continue to talk through tensions” talks of the situation where there is an acceptance of the situation whereby there has been a breach in the relations between the two states that have then led to loss of freedom on both sides of the border (Ved, 2013). ...
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