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There are many stereotypes a man could encounter in his entire life and the ultimate reason behind all of these could be associated with mistakes with reasoning to the extent that they become fallacies. Here is one example perhaps some people might have heard and is considered a form of stereotype: “Afro-Americans are good singers.” This is clearly a form of stereotype for some important reasons.


Furthermore, in reality TV shows for music-related talents such as American Idol and other relevant shows, there are considerable number of Afro-Americans who usually try to make it all the way on top. What is most interesting is that they really are indeed talented as they could play musical instruments and their voice quality is almost comparable or the same with what the classic singer like Whitney Houston showed to the world. These reasons to support the above claim could either become so strong or flawed. The reason that it might be strong is due to the point that people could support this claim based on the context of actual observation. However, this could also be flawed due to the fact that one must be committing hasty generalization when pointing the above claim. Hasty generalization is a fallacy that would involve employing arguments with specific cases that are not representative enough in order to create an inference about the whole group (Hurley, 2011, p.142). In fact, there are also many Afro-Americans who are not good in singing and having poor voice quality. ...
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