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Adultery and inappropriate relationships among the ranks in the Army

Female and male veterans are reported to confirm reports of rampant sexual trauma during their service in the military. The military has been reluctant to take action against these allegations. Military officials are said to have received over 3000 reports on sexual assault in the year 2011. However, reports indicate that only 191 cases have successfully been convicted in the court-martial. This has encouraged the outrageous behavior in the military circles. No wonder, the majority sexual predators are repeat offenders. Sexual assailants in the military are said to be unaware of the impact of their actions to the lives of the victims. This essay seeks to explore the issue of adultery and inappropriate relationships among ranks in the military. Many people believe that sexual ethics in the military fall under personal choices and should never be governed by the military. Research shows that most people believe that extramarital affairs should not be punishable in the military. A poll indicated that 49 percent of Americans believe that adultery should be allowed in the military. The argument in based on the fact that adultery is a personal choice regardless to whether it is right or wrong. Most of the people who back adultery in the military use the natural law theory (Mitchell, 1998). The argument suggests that the essence of having sexual urges is to explore sexual relationships with multiple partners (Brinson, 2008). ...
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Adultery and inappropriate relationships among the ranks in the Army Name: Institution: The United States departments of defense reports indicate that over 18,000 assaults of sexual nature occurred in the year 2010. …
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