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Philosophy 4) The claim is often made that Descartes induced a revolution in philosophy by combining his method of doubt with his method of inquiry. Comment on the philosophical revolution that Descartes engendered. What criticisms, if any, can you bring against his position?


Since his early age, Descartes had begun to doubt every traditional fact, he had ever known or learned. His doubts even reached his own existence in the world. So, in his Discourse on Method Meditations and Principles, Descartes explains and elaborates the principles of his philosophy that depend on skepticism and uncertainty. Then, he started to rebuild his knowledge, as well as ours, by proving his own existence, and the existence of mind, soul, and God. As noticed by many thinkers, “the Method of Doubt ultimately involves the task of removing all uncertain beliefs, ensuring that only beliefs that are certainly true beliefs remain in one's philosophy” (Bellotti). In order to take us from the state of complete doubt to complete certainty, Descartes made an insightful connection between his method of doubt and his method of inquiry, resorting to the use of the scientific method of thinking, advocated by former thinkers and philosophers. In essence, the scientific method can be considered as a process, in which one corrects himself and his previous knowledge, through continuous examination of truth, for the final aim of finding answers to questions. This examination of truth is what is referred to as doubt and skepticism by Descartes (Bracken). ...
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