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The Nature of Belief - Read Chapters 5 & 7 and answer the questions in an

This is based on the assumption that I am evaluating something I can see, hear, or feel. To “know” means determining if the reality that is being assessed is truly real. Truth is based on rationality applied on perceptions and sensual experiences. The truth about reality is that the senses help me see it in the physical sense, while rationality helps me understand its truth. Plato believed that reality is based on the duality of the universe. According to our readings, Plato tried to resolve the difficulty of determining whether reality is permanently changing or permanently unchanging. He proposed that there are two different worlds- the world of “Becoming” and the world of “Being.” The world of being is the “physical world.” The world of “Being” pertains to permanently unchanging truths that can only be known through reason. This “Being” world is timeless and eternal. Furthermore, the world of “Being” is a place where “Forms” exist. “Forms” are the ideal essence of all things. In real life, people do not experience the “Forms.” Instead, they only see superficial examples of the “Forms.” In the “Allegory of the Cave,” Plato presented a metaphor, where people are like those in the cave who only see the shadows of the “Forms.” What they see is false. They think they see horses. ...Show more


The Truth about Reality: Seeing is Believing, Only after Thinking Deeply Name University The Truth about Reality: Seeing is Believing, Only after Thinking Deeply Reality shows are not “real” because their producers and directors show only what they think their viewers want to see…
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