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Philosophy of Religion

In part, the Critique of Pure Reason assesses the claims of rationalism and metaphysics regarding the capacity of the mind to probe into the nature of reality without the support of the senses (Adorno 41). The main features in Kant’s Critique to Pure Reason are the relationship between a priori knowledge and analytic knowledge on the one hand, and a posteriori knowledge and synthetic knowledge on the other hand (Adorno 50). Kant contends that analytic knowledge is distinguished by the fact that the concept in the predicate is necessarily contained in the concept in the subject. Synthetic judgments are distinguished by the fact that the concepts in the predicate have information that is lacking in the concept in the subject.
In the Critique of Pure Reason, Kant assigns the qualities of a priori and synthetic judgments to all mathematical truth and scientific principles (Adorno 63). In his philosophy, such truths have a universal element and their truth-values are not dependent on sense experiences. ...
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The central focus of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason is the determination of the dimensions and limits of pure reason. His interest was on the capacity of human reason to generate knowledge independent of sense experience or other alternative forms of knowing…
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