What does it mean to be human in the year 2013? Are We Becoming Cyborgs?

What does it mean to be human in the year 2013? Are We Becoming Cyborgs?   Essay example
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I am not saying that we should totally abandon technology or totally deny the whole idea of technology as bad. No, technology has been good to us only that we came to a point where its advances have distorted our sense of being not only as we relate to ourselves but also to other people.


Even perhaps, that I may sound like I do not understand technology. On the contrary, I have a complete grasp of technology enough for me to conclude that it is no longer serving its purpose and therefore, its use should be limited. Technology’s main function is supposed to make our lives easier. Information technology is supposed to enrich our lives considering the enormous amount of information it can store, process and regurgitate. Yet despite this capacity, information technology has defeated its very purpose because it in fact is displacing relationships or replaces meaningful human interactions as Popoya worries in the article Are We Becoming Cyborgs? We are now at a point where computational algorithm is replacing handshakes and hugs where mechanical operation becomes the only measure of intelligence. This being the case, strips the meaning of other endeavors that feeds the soul such is why we have to limit our dependency to technology so as not to feed the system that kills our soul as human beings. Bill Mckibben already put the blame on the advances of technology why some social relationships disintegrated. He vividly recalled the time when the most common form of recreation was visiting each other’s house but the practice was “killed” when television was introduced as it confined people in their homes. ...
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