Philosophy and the Human Good

Philosophy and the Human Good Essay example
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Philosophy and the Human Good Name Subject Teacher Date               Philosophy and the Human Good The difficult choice that my friend has made in a particular ethical dilemma was made out of his belief in ethical absolutism and in the philosophy of W.


His mother had no money at that time and he was simply depending on a scholarship but he was basically the breadwinner of the family at the same time. His father was in prison and his mother’s salary was not even enough for three younger sisters. I heard that scholarships required him to at least reach the cut off scores for each subject at college, yet he did not know what to do since he had to concentrate on his job at the hardware store too. The project was important to him and I heard he had to spend some money on it but during that time he was totally broke and even had to borrow money from his boss to buy medicine for one of her younger sisters. Now, the problem was that he was left with but two choices: to steal the drill in front of him at the store and sell it for some cash to finance this project, or to fail in the subject and risk losing his scholarship. He was thinking that if he stole the drill, the owner would not know anyway since Henry himself prepared the inventory of the items and he promised himself he would save enough money to pay for it later. He was also thinking that if he had stolen and sold the drill, then he would definitely get the money for the project, make it good, and eventually continue with the scholarship. ...
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