"Philosophy" by Donald Norman

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The shift from phenomenology to experienceology is really, in one sense, a shift away from objectivity and towards subjectivity. On the one hand, there is the objectivity that is implicit in the positivist approach, the logical rigor of it, the exactness, the positivist orientation.


Philosophy is about discerning the nature of things and how best to live life, in a way, and the insights into such inquiries inform the way our governments our formed, the way our societies place value on the academic disciplines that matter to our daily lives, and shape even the way we relate to each other and enjoy our rights. They inform our justice system, how we keep social order, and how we punish and reward people. Philosophy organizes our legal system and benefits it with the wisdom of the collective philosophical musings reflected in legal decisions and laws handed to us from many generations of being exposed to human affairs. Philosophy and the insights from our philosophical giants inform the way we trade with each other, the way we organize commerce, and the way we relate with our neighboring states. Philosophy also reflects in a very profound way how we view the world and our place in the grand scheme of things, and in this sense is not very far removed from our deepest religious convictions and experience of the divine. Philosophy informs our understanding of consciousness and how and why we experience what we experience in the world too. The hard sciences, from biology to physics, as well as the soft sciences, such as psychology, also all benefit from and are informed by our philosophical views. ...
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