Briefly explain Socratesж_ view of justice, as found in The Republic. In your explanation, make sure to include his views on the

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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# Socrates and Justice: An Analysis and Discussion of The Republic from the Standpoint of Defining and Interpreting Socrates’ Viewpoint The idea and concepts of justice as we currently understand them can ultimately be traced back to The Republic.


As a means to expound upon these factors in a succinct and yet expansive way, this brief analysis will attempt to convey Socrates’ argument to the reader. In short, Socrates argument with regards to justice can be condensed into the following dictum – justice necessarily includes helping friends and protecting them from evil; however, this cannot take place at the expense of another. As a means of building upon this concept, Socrates states that payment of debt in and of itself is a form of justice as is helping a close friend or ally. This discussion of help and aid with regards to a close friend or ally is unique due to the fact that it instantly conjures a situation in the mind of the reader or listener in which a friend is threatened by a third party and it is the responsibility of the other friend, according to Socrates’ understanding of justice, to intervene on his behalf as a means of providing justice to the situation. The issue that arises with this particular understanding of justice is the fact that Socrates goes on to state that violence is not permissible as a means of conflict resolution under any case. This of course leads the reader to question how justice is to be applied under Socrates’ definition if one seeks to rigidly uphold the determinants that he has lain out in his argument. ...
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