Philosophy and Social Justice

Philosophy and Social Justice Essay example
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Social Justice, Confucius and Hobbes Name Subject Teacher Date               Social Justice, Confucius and Hobbes The just society is one which does not have a wide gap between the rich and the poor, no unemployment, no domestic violence and no racism.


Money is such an important thing nowadays no matter what bad things people would say against it. Nevertheless, what makes money more difficult is the selfishness among people. The gap between the rich and the poor is growing wider and wider because of such selfishness, I believe. Therefore, it is not only a society with people who are financially stable that I envision but one with people who share their wealth with each other. The just society is also a society where domestic violence is either nonexistent or not an issue at all. Moreover, it is a society where the employment rate is at a minimum like 0.01% or even nothing. Also, it is a society where racism does not exist in any of its forms, against Hispanics or Asians or Blacks. There would be no domestic violence, no unemployment and certainly no racism if there is kindness and no selfishness towards each other. Domestic violence, I believe, happens only when people do not listen to each other and remain relentless in opposing each other’s opinions. Unemployment usually happens when employers do not give a chance to people who are mere undergraduates to prove themselves at work, or when there is no one who y helps others get a job. ...
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