magine an encounter between Socrates and yourself

magine an encounter between Socrates and yourself Essay example
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Name Professor’s Name Course Date An Encounter with Socrates Socrates states that wrongdoings affect the soul in that they damage it provided that a person does wrong, whether intentional or unintentional. Socrates directing the question of morality towards me would present an opportunity to offer my opinion in what he believes.


This is especially with the strong warning that he issues towards jurors who are prone and subjected to judging people and the corruption it has on their lives and souls. Their wrongdoings; that Socrates observes, are that they are prone to unjustly sentencing people since they are in a position to do so both wrongfully and knowingly. Considering that Socrates judges’ ethics based on the grounds of practicality or pragmatism, my life falls more on the practical, where I would stand my ground against any judgments he would pass on me based on his basis of ethics. My replies on the question of ethical standing would fall under doing all rights under social pragmatics, where knowing right and wrong is not the problem, but rather practicing the right is significant to my actions. In relation to values, my standing would be that of believing in a whole body, mind and soul, where having a state of total equilibrium within the three forms would be a state of perfection in itself. As such, following the ways of the world or other people in the world without conviction would not arise. This is because I believe in authority, where those influencing my actions, behavior and state of mind should be qualified and ethically promising. ...
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