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Socrates Table of Contents Introduction 3 Thesis Statement 3 Explanation of the Argument 4 Analysis 5 Conclusion 7 Works Cited 8 Introduction Socrates and Protagoras hold dissimilar philosophical views about different aspects of teaching and learning virtue.


To put it in simple words, Protagoras views the principle of morality as a valuable aspect that facilitates social cooperation. On the other hand, Socrates holds a vision about the principle of morality as a matter of an individuals’ interrelation towards his/her own soul which cannot be taught based on certain defined theories or assumptions contradicting Protagoras’ views that a person learns virtue from his early age recently when he/she starts speaking (Plato 5-25). Thesis Statement This study intends to analyze the arguments made by Socrates questioning the dialogues in Protagoras regarding the teachability of virtue and education humans regarding wisdom. Protagoras’ acclamations with reference to the viewpoints of Socrates will also be analyzed in this study to recognize the role of a rational agent, its justness and also its goodness in teaching wisdom to individuals. Proper justification will also be rendered with concern to the agreeability of the thesis, i.e. Protagoras. Explanation of the Argument The sole concern of Protagoras’ acclamations has been to rationalize that virtue and wisdom of human life can be taught. However, this argument has further been countered by Socrates where he questions the reality concerning the teachability aspects of virtues. ...
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