social responsibilities of multinational corporations

social responsibilities of multinational corporations Essay example
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Name Course Course Instructor Date Social Responsibilities of Multinational Corporations The process of globalization today is surrounded by different controversies. These controversies have resulted in concerns that most multinational companies (MNCs) could be getting profits while neglecting their workforce, as well as contributing to the degradation of the environment.


In order to prove themselves right, and cover up their flaws in living up to their social responsibility, a few multinational companies have taken different steps that reflect adherence to their social responsibility. In this paper, I will argue that most multinational companies have disregarded their obligations to respect human rights of their host countries, and have continued to violate human rights indirectly, as they capitalize on the weaknesses in their host’s government systems, and lack of standard rights, while earning big profits in their host countries. Multinational corporations extend their production and marketing processes into different world regions. In the new business environment, these multinationals have a great political and economic influence on the host countries. These exploit the resources and labour in these countries with an aim of making more profits. It has been argued that the multinational corporations in the developing countries do more harm than good and function there without a social conscience. Most multinationals have chosen to operate in more developing countries because the business standards and restrictions there are less tight as compared to those in the West (Arnold 156). ...
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