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Mormonism Later Day Saint Movement (LDS) or simply Mormonism is a Christian religious group founded by Joseph Smith. Smith claimed himself to be the God’s advocate through whom the Church would be re-established, because according to Smith, all other Churches had gone astray. Smith also claimed that he had several visions from God and that was the cause why he proposed to undertake this new mission. The cult, which claims to be the true church of Jesus Christ, has its own distinctive beliefs and texts different from those of Catholicism and Protestantism. The movement emerged during 1820s in America and gained popularity over the next few decades though later got split into new rather small denominations. According to the LDS statistical report (as cited in BBC Religion), the group has ‘13.5 million members world-wide’. Mormons’ belief about God is very much different from those of other Christian denominations. According to their doctrine, God is an exalted man who has a physical body like any other human being. Even the human beings have the potential to attain this stature in afterlife. As described in the book of Gruss and Thuet What Every Mormon (And Non-mormon) Should Know, Mormon’s God consists of three distinct beings- collectively called Godhead- who are united in purpose, love and will (281-282). Among these three beings, God the Father is the all knowing Supreme Being named Elohim who created the whole world, for he has the absolute wisdom. ...Show more


Mormonism Later Day Saint Movement (LDS) or simply Mormonism is a Christian religious group founded by Joseph Smith. Smith claimed himself to be the God’s advocate through whom the Church would be re-established, because according to Smith, all other Churches had gone astray…
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