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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# Morality and Ethics in the Business Arena One of the primal issues with morality and ethical behavior is determining what is morally right and ethically responsible in terms of whether a broad overarching immutable framework defines these issues or something that is far more nebulous and concentric upon the times in which the given action or set of actions take place.


a type of moral relativism. Likewise, a further level of distance will be sought from the point of view that morality is ultimately immutable and constant; i.e. a type of moral absolutism. In this way, a type of combination approach in which some aspects of ethics and morality are unchanging and others are informed as a result of the situation and the times; i.e. a type of moral objectivism. For purposes of this response, normative morality will be considered as the ethical action and descriptive morality will be defined as the way in which morality and ethics are understood within the constraints of individual beliefs. a. Businesses can have ethical standards, but Businesses are not moral agents. Do you agree or disagree? With regards to businesses not being moral agents, this is a statement that this author patently disagrees with. A moral agent is merely an entity that through proper application of moral behavior and ethical decisions is able to project these forces onto the environment within which they ultimately interact or operate within. ...
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