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Name Subject Instructor Date Philosophy - Aristotle & Hume Hume argues that reason cannot combat a passion. How do you think Aristotle would respond? How would you continue this conversation? Introduction Hume is a philosopher who interpreted passion and reason in a distinctive manner than other philosophers.


Passion is a feeling which has no boundaries, if aroused naturally and authentically in an individual. Hume understands the concepts and elements of life as he is a deep thinker and has contemplated on life and human psychology in various ways. Here the intention is to comprehend the statement of Hume and interpret it with one of the greatest Greek philosophers the world has seen, Aristotle. The view of Aristotle is distinctive and unique and can be contradictory or resembling to that of Hume. The attempt here is to argumentatively interpret the statement by Hume and convey how Aristotle would converse regarding this issue. Passion being a natural feeling cannot be influenced or affected by other qualities or personality traits of human being. People can analyze the feeling and reciprocate on it in varied ways, but it really depends on the philosophical perspective and reasoning ability of a philosopher. Here the perspective and argumentative stand of Hume and Aristotle would bring about more of depth to the thinking ability and philosophical values of both. Arguments Passion is natural and contradictory to reasoning Aristotle, as an intellectual thinker and philosopher, connects virtue to feelings. Passion is an aggressive and intense feeling of human being. ...
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