How does Marilyn Frye define 'oppression?' Evaluate Frye's discussion of the ways in which oppression operates in society

How does Marilyn Frye define
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Name: Student number: Marilyn Frye on opression, racism and sexism The issue of racism or sexism paves the way for a range of thoughts and discourses integrating various ethical concepts. There are many philosophical perspectives linked up with these issues and one of them include the point of view of Marilyn Frye integrated with her concept of oppression.


She describes oppression by trying to explain the thought that the society itself builds up the idea of sex marking, sex announcing or generally sex identification that according to her must have created advantages among men but disadvantages among women (p.236). This according to her has become the root cause of oppression which she strongly defines as, “A system of interrelated barriers and forces which reduce, immobilize and mold people who belong to a certain group, and effect their subordination to another group (individually to individuals of the oher group, and as a group, to that group)” (p.238). Based on this definition, she tries to explicate the point that for as long as women could be generally defined as subordinates and men as dominators, oppression would take place against the former. The suggestion of what is masculinity and feminity has something to do with the existence of this oppression as Frye argues that as our cultural system tries to train us to behave differently as men and women, extreme dimorphism has become a very obvious outcome (p.239). This according to her has always placed men on the advantage side as they could take power over women. ...
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