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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# Freud’s Seduction Theory and Subsequent Abandonment Like all other forms of science, early psychology under the influence of Sigmund Freud exhibited the self correcting attributes of modern science. The need to hypothesize, test, and theorize meant that many of the postulations that were made could not stand up to the rigors that such a method imposed and must subsequently be discarded as a way to make room for theories that could actually work to explain the world as it existed.


As a way to do this, the author will examine Freud’s own admissions with regards to the lack of therapeutic success, unlikely number of sexual deviants in the Vienna population, the nature of unconsciousness, and the Oedipus Complex. Firstly, with regards to the Seduction Theory, this was ultimately a theory put forward by Sigmund Freud around the year 1895-1896 in which he sought to link the prevalence of hysteria and obsessional neurosis to repressed memories of childhood sexual assault. In the theory, the repressed sexual assault was ultimately internalized and manifests itself as a function of a type of neurosis or other form of mental issue. Naturally, within the constructs of the times and within the scientific body of knowledge, Freud published a paper on the topic in 1896 and prior to this performed a long set of clinical trials in which he was able to elicit confessions of repressed sexual abuse upon his patients, generally taking place before the age of 4 years; i.e. in infancy. ...
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