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[Author] [Institution] Modernist Free Verse era was renowned for its originality and Avant garde art. Hence, it was the era which disregarded any notion either related to faith or God. Thus, Eliot recognized and analyzed the need of faith to be revived in non-believers.


Therefore, Eliot’s exertion on this particular poem has been considered commitment to religious poetic sensibility and spiritual consciousness. In the venerated poem, Eliot has emphasized on the significance of Magi’s journey to find baby Jesus, who is deemed to be Messiah. Thus, Magi’s spiritual quest; aimed to find a way for the emancipation of the world from materialism, has been depicted as uncertain. This uncertainty has been suggested as a core ingredient of conscious spiritism. Hence, Eliot has emphasized on the difficulties and persistent struggle a part of spiritual awakening, a way to attain spiritual identity (Eliot, 1953). Although, Eliot has been considered as an assorted leader of postmodern realism, but in this diverse piece; he has adapted a thought- evoking style and a vision of a spiritualist, who describes the impediments and bottleneck of the journey of redemption and inside gratification. His elusive style and bohemian repute called for severe criticism on his Anglo-Catholic work. Thus, his former work earned him a repute of a non-believer of religion and their fundamental practices, and eventually a palpable critique of beliefs (Strandberg, 2002). In the journey of Magi, Eliot contemplated with the idea of human change, in terms of journey from physical being to spiritual beings, which was vague in the western world of 1920s. ...
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