convincing that the same sex adoption morally wrong

convincing that the same sex adoption morally wrong Essay example
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Reasons Why Same Sex Adoption is Morally Wrong The same-sex movement of the 21st century would like the traditional public to consider something that they call “the new normal”, a family unit composed of a same sex couple and their adopted child. They call themselves the new normal because they insist upon redefining the true and traditional definition and description of what makes up a traditional, normal family unit.


I shall present both sides of the issue using information from various credible sources, including my opinion on the matter as well towards the end of this paper. In order to understand the morally and socially acceptable reasons against same sex adoptions, I wish to first present the arguments that are normally presented by same sex couples in support of their cause. These are arguments that, although seemingly acceptable, places the child in question in the center of a psychologically traumatic experience that could carry life long consequences for the child if not dealt with in a proper manner. The first argument that is often presented in support of same sex adoption is that the traditional family unit as we know it is based upon a shaky foundation that often times end up in divorce and a traumatic existence for the child. ...
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