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Convincing that the same sex adoption morally wrong - Essay Example

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Reasons Why Same Sex Adoption is Morally Wrong The same-sex movement of the 21st century would like the traditional public to consider something that they call “the new normal”, a family unit composed of a same sex couple and their adopted child. They call themselves the new normal because they insist upon redefining the true and traditional definition and description of what makes up a traditional, normal family unit…
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Convincing that the same sex adoption morally wrong
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Convincing that the same sex adoption morally wrong

I shall present both sides of the issue using information from various credible sources, including my opinion on the matter as well towards the end of this paper. In order to understand the morally and socially acceptable reasons against same sex adoptions, I wish to first present the arguments that are normally presented by same sex couples in support of their cause. These are arguments that, although seemingly acceptable, places the child in question in the center of a psychologically traumatic experience that could carry life long consequences for the child if not dealt with in a proper manner. The first argument that is often presented in support of same sex adoption is that the traditional family unit as we know it is based upon a shaky foundation that often times end up in divorce and a traumatic existence for the child. It is their belief that there is no difference in raising a child in the same sex household because they can provide a more stable household for the child based upon a mutual love and respect for the family unit that seems to now be sorely lacking among the traditional couples (“Pros and Cons of Gay Adoption”). Same sex couples claim that the high rate of divorce among the heterosexual couples makes them a bad example for the children who are traumatized by what could often times turn out to be messy divorces that put the child in the middle of an ugly custody battle. Their second argument is that advances in medical science have allowed them to conceive children artificially. Therefore, it is their right to have children born of their own flesh and blood, even if they were the result of a surrogate mother or the sperm of a man unknown to the child's mothers. What is important is that the child is a living part of their own DNA strain. Therefore, not allowing them to adopt a child who badly needs the love and care of strangers willing to give him or her a better life would be robbing the child of the right to live with all the good chances that the “modern family” can afford him (“Pros and Cons of Gay Adoption”). After all, there is one thing of the utmost importance in any adoption proceeding and that is what will be in the best interests of the child. They believe, that they can best represent that interest as the normal families seem to have a hard time providing such for their children and adopted children. In accordance with this belief, the International Adoption Database has even mentioned that the sexual orientation of a parent should not be considered when setting up a child for adoption. The organization believes that; “Good parenting is not influenced by sexual orientation. Rather, it is influenced most profoundly by a parent's ability to create a loving and nurturing home -- an ability that does not depend on whether a parent is gay or straight.” (Marquardt, Maddie “Who Sets Standards of a Suitable Parent?”). They also argue that preventing them from adopting children can be taken as an act of sexual discrimination, an act which is prohibited under the laws of the United States. They also make important note of the fact that there is a shortage of qualified adoptive heterosexual parents these days. ... Read More
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