Shifts in Values from Renaissance to Modern Age

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Shifts in Values from Renaissance to Modern Age Name Institution Shifts in Values from Renaissance to Modern Age Many people argue that the Modern times and the Renaissance share a lot of things in common. Conversely, the Renaissance was widely dissimilar in comparison to the Modern era.


This text explores such differences and similarities between these two ages. In terms of philosophy, it is evident that certain cultural values have changed from the Renaissance to today. Perhaps, it is of uttermost importance to start the text by defining the most crucial terminologies involved. Most historians would describe the Renaissance as a cultural rebirth that commenced in Florence, Italy, before dispersal to the other parts of Europe from approximately 1300 to 1600. During this time, “Europeans underwent a transformed interest in Roman and classical Greek civilization, and consequently, in learning mathematics, science, philosophy, science, and the arts” (Adams, 2005, p. 87). Christianity took a center stage during the renaissance and its influence can be felt in the dawn of modern science. Men during the renaissance were expected to be outstandingly well-rounded and learned in various subjects. The Renaissance brought about the end of the middle Ages and embraced for the first time the ideals of the modern world. For this reason, it is seen as a changeover era between the middle ages and modern times. As Adams (2005) asserts, “no single ideology or philosophy dictated the intellectual life of the Renaissance period” (p. 143). Humanists during the early days had stressed a supple approach to the issues of society and the fast life in service of all human beings. ...
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