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Philosophy, Admission/Application Essay Student Name: February 11, 2013 Introduction Life is full of challenges. Some challenges are physical in nature, such as winning a race. Other challenges focus on resolving love difficulties, including divorce and misunderstanding.


God’s existence, Cosmological reasons Someone ensures the universe is in harmony. The earth revolves around the sun. The sun firmly stays comfortably in its preset place, the center of a nine planet solar system. The solar system shows that each of the nine planets do not collide against each other. The Milky Way is composed of many stars, comets, and other celestial objects. Humans cannot reach out and rearrange how the universe moves. Someone, who is God, is holding all these majestic works of art together (Viney 151). No one can say that the planets magically fell into place. No one can say that the planets entered into an alliance with other planets. Only people and animals vividly communicate with one another. People from different communities and nations enter into favorable agreements. The agreements include fair terms. The terms may include a fair share of the planet’s scarce natural and manufactured resources. The planets cannot just appear by themselves and move in coordinated unity. Clearly, someone is holding the planets, stars, and other heavenly objects together, someone called God (Davydov 81). The professional architect draws each part of the building. The architect ensures that each door conforms to building code standards. One of the responsibilities of the architect is sketching the thickness of each building wall and door. The same professional designs how the house roof will look. ...
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