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Comparing and Contrasting the Principles of Ethical Relativism - Essay Example

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Comparing and Contrasting the Principles of Ethical Relativism

It also states that there is nothing as morally right or morally wrong. We cannot judge the views of other people from a different culture. Our ethics and morals evolve with the passage of time. The evolution in ethics occurs due to interaction with different people of different virtues and diverse cultures. Some people do think that morals and ethics should not be discussed with each other as it may cause rupture in their relation and people must live on the principle of Live an Let live others formula. But this principle is not right. It is perilous and also gutless. It is dangerous as it prevents us from pointing out the morally and ethically wrongs of the civilization. It is also cowardly as it denies our responsibility to make the world better place to survive for everyone. A different principle holds different views about the Ethical Relativism. The three major principles are: 1. Cultural Relativism: Cultural Relativism point of view is that there are no universally valid moral values, and moral principles are related to the culture of the people in which they live. Anything is right for you if your culture allows it to be. The society is the authority which could differentiate between right or wrong. If the majority of the culturists decide something to be wrong, you will have to admit it as wrong. In the early ages, when people had to live in societies secluded to each other it would had been reasonable to think that the traditions and practices of one’s own culture are right. But now, in this modern age where world is globalized, it is not reasonable to think that own culture is the only right way. Many practices which would be right long time age are falsified in the modern world. The early Greeks felt proud of stealing, but in this era we consider it as wrong. Some villages in Uganda think that they have no responsibility over their children but it is condemned in our modernized world. In the modern world also Dos in one culture are DONTs in other cultures. Like eating beef is DO in USA but DON’T in India. Alcohol and gambling is DO in USA but don’t in Muslims countries. Killing newborns or “Satti” is DO in India but DON’T in USA and European countries. 2. Ethical Subjectivism: The Ethical Subjectivism states that there are no universal moral values and ethics and the truth of moral principle changes from individual to individual. According to this theory, the right or wrong depends upon you. It is up to you to decide as to what is right and what is wrong. You are having sovereignty over your life, as to how you have to live your life nobody can dictate you. If two people are married to each other and both want to follow contradictory religion, Subjective relativism allows them to do so. They are free to choose which they think is right for them. If one person thinks that he should be catholic as the teachings are right then he can follow Christianity and vice versa. Subjective Ethical Relativism’s main emphasis is on the tolerance. All opinions about way of living life, moral and ethical values are considered equal and tolerance is promoted as others are equally right. Lot of distress, Genocides, protest, racism is all due to intolerance and considers other people as wrong. Ethical Relativism does not tell about the absoluteness of right or wrong and same is with cultural Relativism. 3. Divine Command: According to this ...Show more


Name: Course: Professor: Date: Ethical Relativism The subject of ethical relativism is heard, if not understood completely, by most of the people today. The importance of the idea of ethical relativism lies in its definition and truth of the underlying principle…
Author : legroshilario
Comparing and Contrasting the Principles of Ethical Relativism
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