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Student’s Name Course Name Instructor’s Name Date Plato Plato argues against the divine command theory of morality based on a number of principles that show a strong conviction and logic against common beliefs and assumed logic. The concept of morality according to the divine command theory of morality states that there is a relationship between right and wrong; and the will of God (Taber).


Following these two arguments creates the basis of the divine command theory of morality, in which Plato argues against every other theory that beats the logic of God in that God can only condemn something because it is wrong and something is condemned by the gods because it is wrong. Plato goes disowns the theory by bringing out a logical argument based on what he believes to the truth, especially on the concept of right and wrong and their relationship with the gods. On this topic, he brings up the issue of morality and immorality and the views of the gods on it based on why an action can be moral or immoral based on his argument with Euthyphro. In this case, he asks what if the gods considered what they asked to be done as the correct thing, despite being an immoral thing and one that inflicts pain and suffering amongst the people. In his objection against the theory, Plato argues the theory because it means that the gods that determine morality and human behavior by vouching for or criticizing it. For this reason, the foundation of morality in the case of the divine command theory of morality, morality becomes an arbitrary issue (Austin). ...
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