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Student Name 18th February 2013 Senior Philosophy – Writing Response Professor’s Name University Name Limits of Human Knowledge and Experience: The philosophical sub stream of epistemology concerns itself with questions surrounding the modes, methods and capacities of human knowledge acquisition.


For example, in his book The End of Science, John Horgan gloomily predicts “an impending dissolution of science, that the great era of scientific discovery is over or very nearly so... the great discoveries and revelations that have made up the history of science as now yielding to incremental, diminishing returns.” (Horgan, as quoted in Bauer, 1997) While this kind of doomsday pessimism might come across as overblown to some, they are not without any merit. Some of the observations made by scientists like Horgan are true. For instance, they reckon that modern science is becoming more and more speculative and less concrete-evidence based. One can see this trend as science entering a “post-empirical mode”/”ironic science” where “scientists from a vast array of fields are generating questions that will never be subjected to experimental test.” (Bauer, 1997) Science’s constant pursuit of knowledge and truth leads to a quandary, whereby all scientific inquiry is directed toward gaining understanding of a few fundamental questions relating to the universe and human consciousness. If scientists are unable to unlock these basic secrets of our world, then science might soon hit a stumbling block around which it cannot get around. ...
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