Analyzing Inductive Arguments

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Name: Course: Date: Analyzing Inductive Arguments In the history of America, presidential polls have attracted dozens of opinion polls that aim at investigating the trend of politics, and the final most likely decision the voters would most likely make in the polls.


All in all, biasness towards a candidate results in a deviating opinion poll that presets results that are far from the reality on the ground. One of the main question asked in the two polls is “whom would you vote as your president?” among other questions. Rasmussen had a sample population of 1000 people each day, to make about 3000 in a three day rolling average (Paulson, 2012). On the other hand, Pew Research had a sample size of 3,815 voters in a poll conducted between Oct 31 and Nov 3 (Kohut, Dorothy and Keeter, 2012). Both the polls were therefore carried out at close dates towards the election date. The Pew research survey included both females and males between the ages of 18 years and above 55 years, and was carried out through the phone. Rasmussen poll was on the other hand carried out in a face to face interview. The methodology used by Pew Research involved phone interview of 3815 adult American citizens in all the states of America. 2262 respondents were interviewed on a landline phone, while the rest 1553 respondents were interviewed through a cell phone. This includes the 784 respondents who owned both a telephone and a mobile phone (Kohut, Dorothy and Keeter, 2012). ...
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