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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Subject: Philosophy, Book Report/Review Date: Topic: Book Report: Iraq under Siege: The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War George Bush leads the country into a global war on terrorism. His current drive to invade Iraq is the part of that policy.


This aspiration for political victory through sanctions has taken massive toll in Iraq in many areas like human, environmental and social. This is a collection of leading literary figures against sanction, researched and documented well. Those desiring to know the happenings in the post-sanction era, and the essential ingredients of US policy in Iraq, must go through this book. The children are at the receiving end, and the people in general are living through horrors. Anthony Arnove is eminently suited to be the editor of this book. He is a writer, an activist and a member of the anti-sanctions Emergency Response Network. In this edited volume of short essays, eighteen distinguished writers have thrown light on the negative effects related to the sanctions against Iraq, and the huge toll on civilian society. The decade of US-led sanctions has crippled the economic and social life in Iraq. The contents of the books are unbiased coverage from a heterogeneous section of ideologists, professionals with varied political backgrounds and the contents are inclusive of fact-finding mission reports and eyewitness accounts. Noam Chomsky is there with his expected views about “the deadly effect of US-imposed sanctions on Iraq.” The reader may have some reservations to accept his viewpoints with full credits. ...
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