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(Name) (Professor) (Subject) (Date) Excusable Immoral Acts in Role Morality Oftentimes, we hear the media criticizing the government or some politician or some lawyers in particular about something they have done wrong. However, are we really in a position to judge them through their acts and to be able to conclude that lying would not do any good simply because it is immoral?


The lies, deception, aggression, bias or secrecy exemplified by politicians and lawyers have a certain practical value as proven by history. The late US president Lyndon Johnson is the perfect example of the practice of lying for the sake of the good. Known by the American citizens as a “candidate of peace,” Johnson won the election, but secretly launched Operation Rolling Thunder against North Vietnam (Bok 181-182). Nevertheless, although Johnson did not give the citizens a chance to accept or refuse the plan, he did it in order to do what he believed was good for everyone. Besides, had Johnson been transparent and had he given a chance for the electorate to make the decision instead of him, he would have caused not only widespread panic in the whole country but also a possible anarchy or overthrow of the government just to accommodate the people’s rage towards his proposed scheme. The question is not whether it was a wrong decision for Johnson to wage war against North Vietnam but whether the people should be informed at all times every time a decision has to be made. ...
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