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1. Why must the new science of Bacon and Descartes “vex nature” or “put it under constraint” in order to know nature? For Bacon, we need to interfere nature in order to uncover its secrets, which can only be possible if we try to use technologies and experiments and other relevant means.


Based on Bacon’s idea we could substantially deduce the thought that initiating experiments is a must in order to learn something more about the nature’s secret. In fact, we learned more about genetic engineering and its associated human benefits for instance because scientists were able to initiate studies or experiments and are still on the continuing process of doing them, which according to Bacon’s discourse are form or means of disturbing or annoying nature just to unearth potential deeper learning or understanding about it. Descartes’ assertion on the other hand is focused on separting from the natural world and so to make precise measurement possible. It is about modifying physical process from one system of constraints to another (Descartes and Gaukroger 8). Just like Bacon, Descartes could still be referring to the inclusion of experimental process in order to make certain of the nature’s essential hidden information. It is only this way that humans would be able to come up with a definite or precise explanation how everything is going on in the physical world. 2. What is the goal of Bacon’s and Descartes’ new science? Articulate the goal itself, and why it is necessary human goal. Articulate how the goal shapes the new way of inquiry and its new starting point. ...
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