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Based on Bacon’s idea we could substantially deduce the thought that initiating experiments is a must in order to learn something more about the nature’s secret. In fact, we learned more about genetic engineering and its associated human benefits for instance because scientists were able to initiate studies or experiments and are still on the continuing process of doing them, which according to Bacon’s discourse are form or means of disturbing or annoying nature just to unearth potential deeper learning or understanding about it. Descartes’ assertion on the other hand is focused on separting from the natural world and so to make precise measurement possible. It is about modifying physical process from one system of constraints to another (Descartes and Gaukroger 8). Just like Bacon, Descartes could still be referring to the inclusion of experimental process in order to make certain of the nature’s essential hidden information. It is only this way that humans would be able to come up with a definite or precise explanation how everything is going on in the physical world. 2. What is the goal of Bacon’s and Descartes’ new science? Articulate the goal itself, and why it is necessary human goal. Articulate how the goal shapes the new way of inquiry and its new starting point. The goal of Bacon’s and Descartes’ new science is to uncover the secret of the nature. For them, this is a necessary human goal because it will lead to the betterment of life. The advancement of technology for instance has been made possible through consistent and existing scientific inquiry. Various technologies are able to give life’s comfort and even improvement of the humans’ way of living and this is because of the continuing quest to inquire the world and uncover the very secret that every human being should understand. Concerning this goal, Bacon and Descartes might be implying the fact that we need to be more aggressive with our inquiry in order to promote the remarkable way of understanding the nature and even extend our power and dominion over the universe. Today, the new way of inquiry might have a strong relevance with the ideas of Bacon and Descartes. As the human technology advances, many things that are kept hidden before us from the past are momentarily revealed right before our eyes today. Science and technology are combined together in order to promote more dynamic output in the process of scientific inquiry. Research designs are formulated from time to time just to be able to acquire relevant information that would make sense prior to acquiring the appropriate inference. In other words, though the basic foundation implied from the ideas of Bacon and Descartes remains, what is very obvious is the fact that there are dynamic improvements or changes in the inquiry and its new starting point is revealed through the allocation of existing information and developed technologies. 3. For Locke, what is the state of nature? How are liberty, equality and law found in the state of nature? In what way does Locke expect his reader to find his natural law teaching in this state “a strong doctrine”? Locke’s idea of the state of nature concerns with men who can reach order without being controlled by someone else. It is therefore a state of perfect freedom and equality, as every one lives together according to reason under the law of nature (McDowell 146). Under Locke’ ...Show more


1. Why must the new science of Bacon and Descartes “vex nature” or “put it under constraint” in order to know nature? For Bacon, we need to interfere nature in order to uncover its secrets, which can only be possible if we try to use technologies and experiments and other relevant means…
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