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This paper is a discussion in favor of Charles Darwin and natural selection theory. The paper will look at the components necessary for natural selection and examples that concur with the natural selection theory. It will investigate various ideas presented by Darwin (thesis). In the theory of natural selection, only the fittest species will exist. The paper will also highlight circumstances where natural selection does not play a part in survival (counter thesis). Response Charles Darwin presumed all animals and plants had progressed from a minimal usual ancestor through the process of natural selection. Both animals and plants give rise to a number of young ones, but several of the young plants and animals are extinct before they can grow into adulthood or reach maturity. Natural selection establishes which constituents of a species exist and reproduce, and which ones become extinct prematurely (Maynard 23). This is evident in our everyday life, for instance, in a location that experiences calamities such as war or famine, only people who are able to adapt to the harsh conditions of lack of food, shelter, or diseases, are the ones who are able to continue to exist during or after the calamities. In addition, all living elements must fight for an inadequate supply of space, water, food, and other necessary things in an environment. It is factual that the individual animals and plants whose features are adequately modified to situations have an upper hand in the struggle for resources, and consequently, the survival. On average, these species have a tendency to produce a large amount of young ones in comparison to other species in their unit. Accordingly, the population of the unit having the same features as the best-adapted species augments from one generation to the next. In my view, the term fitness may be utilized to refer to an organism’s capacity to produce offspring (Gould 47). Therefore it is appropriate to refer to the theory of natural selection as survival for the fittest. There are a number of natural selection forms. They comprise sexual selection, stabilizing selection, and directional selection. Sexual selection is primarily evident among the animal species. Similar to natural selection, adults of numerous populations have a preference for mating partners who exhibit specified external features or behaviors. It may be argued that sexual selection illustrates why males of numerous bird populations contain extra colorful feathers than their female counterparts. Stabilizing selection takes place if a group is adequately adapted to its surrounding. In this situation, the populations with common features produce the most offspring, and individuals who are the most dissimilar reproduce the least number of offspring. In addition, stabilizing selection removes tremendous traits, lessening the quantity of dissimilarity in a group. This makes stabilizing selection the most widespread form of natural selection. Finally, directional selection creates new traits that assist a population to become accustomed to its surrounding (Maynard 24). This is what is mostly perceived as natural selection by numerous individuals. Moreover, for natural selection to function appropriately, a number of requirements should be met. One, the members of the population should be different in their hereditary features. Organisms in different species illustrate a number of ...Show more


Name: Instructor: Course: Date:      Darwin Charles Darwin’s ideas have had an effect on a wide scope of areas, for example, science, economic, and political thinking. Natural selection is formed on the basis of an extremely uncomplicated idea that a number of features are essential for existence than other characteristics, and are going to extend in the population…
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Darwin essay example
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