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critical reponse to a news event

He also wonders why such insignificant issues are featured in the news, since such families do not add value to the economy of their country (Fogg WEB). Therefore, according to Fogg, the economy suffers when big families with unemployed parents, are given free housing by the government. However, I tend to disagree with Fogg on this. The woman might not be responsible for her situation. She might not have chosen to have a big family and be unemployed. Therefore, I believe it is morally right for big families with unemployed families to receive any kind of benefits and aid from their government. In this essay, I will therefore, give a critical explanation of the author’s argument, and counter that basing on my own convictions about the whole issue. Fogg is quite judgemental about this situation when Heather Frost is given free housing. He is opposed to this step by the government, and is opposed to the publicity the media gave this issue. According to Fogg, such a family is insignificant to the economy of a country. This is a heavy statement, which bears different meanings. Nonetheless, Fogg thinks the government took a wrong step by providing housing to this woman. This is a free world, where everyone is entitled to their opinion, and Fogg just gave his personal views about this case. ...
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Critical Response to a News Event The article by Fogg in the Guardian addresses the issue of the housing benefits to large families, which have parents that lack employment. In this article, Fogg expresses his personal views, about this issue, and he as well shows his judgement on the whole situation…
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