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Name Professor Class Date 1. Describe distributive justice and how it works. State thoroughly and as specifically as you can the issues between Utilitarian’s and Libertarians concerning distributive justice. Which side are you on and why?  Distributive justice holds that any policy or rules which are imposed in any given society has a purpose of serving the common and greater good.


In a society, this is applied to adopting policies which should serve the greatest number of people or the majority of the population and the course of action that would be untaken should have a net effect of increasing happiness.  Advocates of libertarian principles, by contrast generally criticize any distributive ideal that requires the pursuit of economic ‘patterns’, such as maximization or equality of welfare or of material goods. They argue that the pursuit of such patterns conflicts with the more important moral demands of liberty or self-ownership (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy). I am more inclined to side with utilitarian justice because it is more applicable in today’s modern society that any act, policy or idea should serve the greatest number of people. It has also practical applications which in fact is even used today such the concept of progressive taxation which is really Rawl’s idea of distributive justice because this taxation takes more from the rich and gives them more to the one who has less. 2. ...
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