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Comparison and contrast of the apologia of Socrates and the defense speech of Gorgias: A Defense on behalf of Palamedes - Term Paper Example

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Comparison and contrast of the apologia of Socrates and the defense speech of Gorgias: A Defense on behalf of Palamedes

Therefore, because of this his defense is not perfect, as it only addresses his accusers as a crowd and not as individuals who bring their arguments and cases against him, but are rather guarded by the crowd. In addition, his issues are that the arguments and cases against him have been built over a long time and not a one-time thing, which implies that the same people charging him feign ignorance over the actual value of his works and beliefs (Adams). With this in mind, his charges are not even valid or based on actual occurrences, but are just accusations that have developed over an extended period and terms of heresy from other people. This makes his defense a bit shaky as all cases against other philosophers who seek to gain an understanding and acquire an explanation of occurrences are leveled against him as the perpetrator of them all. In his defense, Socrates states that his role in life is to examine the wisdom of man and expose their false ways and wisdom as ignorance, which he says is part of why he is being charged. This is because his activities expose many prominent people and embarrass theme while Socrates gains acclaim from the youths of Athens (Tindale). In addition, it is because of this that he is charged, or so he states, and proceeds to defend himself through cross examining one of his accusers, Meletus. In his questioning of Meletus, Meletus ends up contradicting himself repeatedly, in which case he loses credibility since he attempts to make Socrates appear guilty for his crimes and activities (Jowett). In addition, Socrates’ defense goes on to be speculative of the Athenian justice system, where he discusses the different punishments that he is likely to face and how they would affect his activities. His conclusion is that there is none of theme that would see him change his ways, but they would instead change the ways of the Athenian people, as they shall continue to be misled. Moreover, his defense based on this line of thought appears to be and is valid since Socrates' apologia attempts to show the people their wrong ways and how ignorant they are in being led by people who are as ignorant as they are, thus he cannot change his philosophy. In addition, his defense shows a hint of arrogance in that even after he is found guilty, he goes on to make sarcastic comments that if the jury had been any more patient, nature would naturally have killed him rather than the jury condemning him to death. This might be the weakest point in his defense, though he does stand his ground for his ways and goes on to ridicule the jury that the punishment given can be changed should he decide to change his ways by saying or doing anything that the jury wishes. This makes his defense even stronger as he appears as a person willing to do anything for his cause including ignoring convention. On the other hand, in the defense of Palamedes Gorgias makes a case based on the credibility of the individual and not on the crimes that he is said to have committed, it is in the same way that it does not focus on the punishment that the individual is likely to face (“Gorgias”). As such, his argument and that of Socrates’ apologia have similar principles in that Gorgias refers to the use of normal speech to prove his case, rather than follow the unfamiliar speech found to be used before a jury, and this he does by stating ...Show more


Date Socrates defense against his case before the Athenian council are based on the principle of his curiosity and the facts that he seeks to comprehend. This is concerning and in response to his accusers that attempt to label him as an evil doer for seeking to acquire knowledge beyond that which is conventionally visible and understandable…
Author : windlertobin
Comparison and contrast of the apologia of Socrates and the defense speech of Gorgias: A Defense on behalf of Palamedes essay example
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