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Exegetical Paper on Hobbes Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: What is Hobbes’ account of the good? Thomas Hobbes has played a significant role in the developmental of political philosophy. Despite his contribution, there are challenges posed to his argument on what is good and what is evil.


Therefore, according to him, things are perceived to be good if the repercussions of undertaking it are pleasing to us. There are two forms of motion as described by Hobbes: vital motion, which runs through the entire existence span of a living creature such as the flow of blood and voluntary motion, which is processed through imagination, followed by execution of the thought. In defining what may be perceived as good, Hobbes argues that good usually produces a motion deep inside us; the motion experienced is referred to as ‘delight.’ Sovereign states do play an important role in ensuring harmonious existence of different people. This is because the sovereign states have laws, which people have to abide to, failure to which they are to face punishment. In avoiding punishment, people try to avoid doing any act that is against the stipulated laws; thus, promoting harmony. Absence of such regulating authority would lead to people undertaking different activities based on their perceptions. For example, a man could sleep with anyone at any location and perceive it to be good because it brings forth delight to him. How Hobbes’ account of the good is related to his account of the constitutions “of Man.” Hobbes account of the good is related to his account of constitution of man in that mechanical effects of their senses trigger human actions. ...
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