Examine some aspect of Plato's theory of the tripartite soul from Plato's Republic. - Essay Example

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Examine some aspect of Plato's theory of the tripartite soul from Plato's Republic.

The main objective of this study is to exhaustively tackle this paramount issue by proposing three views: first of all, Plato’s account of the soul would not have committed him to the view that within each part of the soul there are sub-divisions; secondly, the harmony and unity of the soul cannot be achieved by conversation and violence, but only through education. Lastly, by exploring Plato’s education program in The Republic, it is clearly evident that education is the fundamental means of bringing the three parts into harmony and thus makes them one rather than many (8). In the Republic, Plato strongly proposes that the human psyche is divided into three parts mainly appetite, spirit and reason. Through the use of the tripartite soul theory, Plato effectively gives an account on how man can be virtuous. A man who is virtuous is one whose three parts of his soul participate in their appropriate and efficient roles and they are in harmony with each other. It is clear that the paramount concept of order is not only fundamental to the just state but also to the just man. ...
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Plato’s Theory of the Tripartite Soul from Plato’s Republic Plato (428-348 BC) was evidently one of the greatest and most influential Greek philosophers. He was the teacher of Aristotle and a disciple of Socrates. Majority of Plato’s works are written in the form of dialogues and a lot of them featur Socrates as the main character, who founded the Academy of Philosophy…
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