Morality and God

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MORALITY AND GOD Name Course name and number: Instructor’s name Date submitted; Introduction Many things need to be considered to appropriately label a divine being as God. It would have to be all-powerful, all-knowledgeable, is everywhere and is all powerful.


First being the ontological argument that invokes the belief of the existence of a being that is all perfect, omniscient and powerful. It asserts that God is “that than which no greater can be conceived.” The second purported evidence that convicts the belief of the existence of God is the ‘cosmological argument’ which firmly asserts that something must have brought the universe in to being what it is; nothing can merely come into existence without having some force spurring it to existence (Murphy, 2011). The third purported truth is the argument from design which seeks to base the existence of God from the fact that the universe is ordered with forces and laws that complement each other giving support to the survival of human lives. This asserts that God made the universe with human being like us in mind. Another argument that seeks to prove the existence of God is the moral argument which asserts that we are all bound to act under some moral laws. Laws that tell us what to do. So who is it really that orders us to behave morally? The argument from design probably holds more water. Scientists have not even been able to come up with clear facts to explain evolution and how everything in the universe seems to co-exist naturally as though it was all pre-planned. ...
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