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Artificial Intelligence

Perhaps other schools of thought surrounding the origin of the human race would not have much to argue about the ability of humankind to create because the records are clear to show that humankind has been able to cater for himself to a very large extent through the invention of machines and other minor items that he needs to live a better life. Generally, the things that are invented or created by men are called artificial things. Careful consideration of the trend of human creation (invention) shows clearly that the ability for humans to create keep getting complicated by the day. The threat and big question therefore remains if humans would not keep getting complicated with their inventions till a stage when the situation would just get out of hand? This research paper shall there delve more into what the risk stands for this world if out of the curiosity to make artificial intelligence products better, there comes a time when the activities of these machines cannot be regulated because of the absence of moral reasoning. Overview of Artificial Intelligence In the 1940s, the world witnessed the ability of humans to create computers to make basic human manipulations such as calculations, sorting and writing very simple. ...
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Artificial Intelligence Background and Thesis Statement The absence of moral reasoning in artificial intelligence products depicts a foreseeable disastrous future for humanity rather than a beneficial one. Aspects of human history that pays homage to religion; particularly Christian and Islamic religions give the indication that after creation, God gave humans the power to continue creation (Tweneboah, 2009)…
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