Comte and Durkheim Concern With Social Order

Comte and Durkheim Concern With Social Order Essay example
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Comte and Durkheim Concern With Social Order Essay Author [Pick the date] The founders of societal studies August Comte and Emile Durkheim have distinguishable places while we talk about history of sociology (Bijker Hughes & Pinch, 1987). They have presented a number of classical come modern concepts of sociology.


The events which are notified in the history of sociology are three as main characteristics. These events include renaissance, French revolution and industrial revolution in England. These three highlighted events are the core divisional structural components of social construction (Macionis, 2007). As France was the revolutionary nation that pulled the monarch system out and set up a republic state in the last decade of 17th century, opposition of slavery and slave trading, presidential system instead of monarch system and withdrawal of excessive protocol system may be broadened as main characteristics of French revolution (Bijker et al, 1987). By the 19th century, France had transformed into a developed nation. There were a lot of positive changes and social dynamics introduced which helped the people to improve their life styles. The industrialization in France that was brought after French revolution embossed deep foot prints over the societal life in France. The deep rooted French revolution was no doubt a key to industrialization that further permitted the social classes and social ordinal levels become segregated in the society. The impacts were still not very much immediate if compared to Britain and German industrial revolutions (Jones, 1994). ...
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